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A special message from our CEO Cassie Forbes....


“This week sees our last days at Glasgow Road, Paisley, before we start a new chapter of Roar at Station Seven, 7 Quarry St, Johnstone.

Not only will we be moving back into the heart of the community we serve (with office, hall and training facilities on site), we will also be making significant cost savings as an organisation, and will be joining our fantastic partners and friends Active Communities, where the opportunities for joint collaboration and partnerships are endless and bountiful.

For me personally it also brings me back full circle to where I worked prior to my retirement in the Police as the Community Policing Inspector, where my passion for Community work blossomed. Its such an exciting opportunity for Team Roar and we can’t wait to embrace it!!”  


Don’t worry - our services and clubs won’t be affected, and you’ll still be able to get us on our usual phone number 0141 889 7481, or via email at