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Get your Roar Score, and make positive progress against frailty

Frailty is preventable and reversible when we act fast. This quick test evaluates risk and gives you informed advice immediately. Please note that we have developed this scale on our own based on research evidence, and it has not yet been clinically tested.


While there are hundreds of scales out there for explaining levels of frailty, from our point of view the Dalhouse clinical frailty scale is the easiest to interpret, and so is what we have based the Roar Score on.

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How it works

Life is complicated and we are all unique and different, however there are a few key areas where we can actually measure and predict when someone is going to get into difficulty in later life. The great news is that if you get the right information about this at the right time then you can make changes and get on a much more positive trajectory. It’s never too early and rarely too late. Take the test to see how well you or a loved one does – and if it’s not as well as you thought then take a look at the simple changes. If you get a low score we advise you see your GP. 
Please make sure to watch the supporting videos we have made for each part of the test, which will explain clearly what to do. 
Some of the tests might require you to purchase some equipment first if you would like, links to which you can find below: 

What you'll need:

  • A measuring tape
  • A stable dining chair, positioned against a wall for safety
  • A couple of jars or screw lids for the grip strength test. A variety will help! If you happen to have a dynamometer, use this for a more accurate reading
  • Someone to accompany you if you are testing yourself
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