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The groups Roar provide are meaningful and of interest to service users, which is essential

Kirsty Allan returned to Roar for a second placement, this time from Glasgow Caledonian University.

I was given the opportunity to return to Roar for my third year university placement after previously visiting for my placement in college in 2019 and I must admit Roar is still to this day my favourite placement. Roar strives to address loneliness, physical fitness and cognition amongst many other barriers within older adults, in doing so they have many clubs and groups in which service users can attend to improve their health and wellbeing but also for the social benefit as this is one of the most beneficial factors for the service user’s.

Being an occupational therapy student, I understand the importance of falls prevention and the devastating impact falls can have on older adults. Roar provide clubs such as OTAGO which focus on improving muscle strength and endurance which are essential in improving the mobility of older adults.

 On beginning my placement I entered with an occupational therapy perspective so I therefore began to identify what parts of the organisation link to my practice, I have discovered that Roar have great links to occupational therapy as they are client-centred and the clubs and groups they provide are meaningful and of interest to the service user which is essential. They also ensure that all service user’s are included and there are no areas of discrimination therefore, activities are often graded and adapted for those who’s mobility may have deteriorated. This ensures all service users are participating regardless of their health and well-being, individuals who attends these clubs have commented on how much they appreciate this.

 The staff and volunteers have been so supportive during my placement and their hard work and dedication to this organisation is admirable- they are such an important asset to Roar and the community they support. I would love to visit Roar again one day in the future, it will always be an important place to me!