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A recent report by the UK Government on the impact of Covid-19 on falls in older adults predicts that 110,000 more older people (an increase of 3.9%) are now projected to have at least one fall per year as a result of reduced strength and balance activity during the pandemic, with a cost of £211 million to the health and social care system.  

We still hear a lot of hesitant and anxious voices when asking the Roar community if they are ‘out and about’ yet, and the cold weather will only provide another reason to stay inside, and potentially be isolated. All of this means that homes could well be where falls are most likely to happen this festive period.

Now in the midst of dark winter nights, we all must do our part to help prevent falls and loneliness at home. While we work with our community to get back to feeling as confident as they did about getting out, there are small steps individuals can take:

  • If rarely going outside, make sure to keep mobile – try these Super 6 exercises!
  • Keep hydrated and have a good colourful plate of food (e.g. fruit & veg)
  • Know what to do if you/someone has a fall – knowing how to get up off the floor could help prevent serious injury
  • Keep rooms clutter free and well-lit
  • ….and above all…keep connected!

You can do your bit too: encourage older relatives to keep moving, and if able encourage them to make the tea rather than you!


Tips on how to get up off the floor safely for you or someone you care for/know:


For the full report on the Covid-19 on falls in older adults: