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Health & wellbeing programmes

Our Renfrewshire network of clubs is an opportunity for older adults (predominantly age 65+) to meet people, socialise and laugh whilst investing in their physical and mental health through life-affirming wellbeing projects.


Stay Mobile Stay Connected

Throughout Renfrewshire

One to one service helping with safe steps back into socialising.

Over the past year with Covid-19 restrictions social isolation has become particularly challenging for many older people. Most have been stuck at home and found themselves becoming less and less mobile. With reduced mobility comes the risk of falls, which can have a devasting effect on the elderly. Even without recent restrictions, difficulties arise because we lose confidence, feel less stable on our feet or just feel that going into a new social setting where we don’t know anyone is just too uncomfortable. 

At Roar we understand that getting out and meeting people can become difficult at any age, but particularly as we get older. We also understand that falls can and do happen in the home. Roar’s fall prevention strategy provides the tools to help prevent home accidents and falls, giving you or your older relative their confidence back to take the next steps back into socialising.

Our Stay Mobile Stay Connected Service offers you an opportunity to talk to one of our qualified staff who will listen to you, understand any challenges you or your older relative are experiencing and help find solutions that will work for you. With a focus on falls prevention, we help build the confidence needed to stay safe and get connected again. We can come to chat with you at your home or arrange for you to come to us.