Christmas biscuitsBefriending/Phone Befriending

Befriending is aimed at people who are socially isolated and may have mobility or other disability issues. This service gives the opportunity to meet with a volunteer in their own home or be accompanied for a walk or other activities agreed between Roar and the older person. Phone Befriending is particularly aimed at people who are waiting for a befriending service or who feel awkward about visits to their homes but would still love to have a chat with someone.  It can also be a lifeline in times of bereavement or ill health.

Who Can Use The Befriending /Phone Befriending Service?

  • Older adults who need encouragement and assistance to get out and about.
  • Older adults who have been discharged from hospital and need encouragement to regain their confidence and link with their community.
  • Older adults who are housebound, do not receive significant amounts of other services or have poor network of support

Why not watch our video and listen to to the people who receive a befriending service and hear what they have to say.