Roar – Connections for Life is supporting the Walk a Mile in My Shoes campaign by engaging our networks and members to walk on the 10th May.

As many of the older adults we support are not able to walk the full mile we have decided to contribute collectively, and that cumulatively the total of steps taken by almost 200 participants will equate to well over a mile.

The focus of the campaign is to challenge mental health stigma – one conversation at a time. This campaign really resonates with Roar’s passionate commitment to reducing loneliness and social isolation in old age. We work to achieve this by enabling people to make positive and fulfilling connections with others. This isn’t possible if people experience discrimination, hostility or cliquishness.

The key to our growing success is the culture we have embedded into everything we do.

A culture where respect, kindness, empathy and encouragement is positively reinforced and where aggressive negativity of any form is not tolerated. This can be challenging but when it works it is so powerfully positive.

I’m not advertising beer but I am enthralled by the new Heineken Advert showing how if you can get people together in the right circumstances – prejudices diminish.

So whether you walk a mile, or just share some smiles with the people you meet today, let’s work together to make our communities kinder places to live.


Picture1 Nicola Hanssen is the General Manager at Roar-Connections for Life. Nicola has the responsibility of leading the organisation’s strategy in partnership with the Board Of Trustees, designing and creating new projects and services. You can contact her at