Roar’s Balance Challenge Returns! #Stop1stFalls

How long can you stand on one leg? With your eyesOne leg wobble closed? Research shows that your ability could provide early warning of later health problems.

Roar’s Balance Challenge social media campaign gained national recognition nearly 2 years ago and this time we’re asking can you still do it?

We were delighted to see people take up the challenge on social media which was very successful! Revisiting the #wobblechallenge two years later, this time our Balance Challenge is all about how you’re doing and is your balance where you want it to be?

 3. One legged wobble media campaign more Maintaining balance contributes to better movement and staying independent, particularly for older adults. It prevents accidents, while allowing people to move faster through possessing control of their weight and body.

Vision directly affects balance together with the proprioceptive systems and inner ear, so closing your eyes while doing this exercise adds a challenge that improves your gait.  The one-legged wobble ultimately tests and conditions you by using a single leg to support the body, which makes balancing using both legs easier.

Have you improved? Try it & make sure you tag us on your Facebook video or Tweet using #Stop1stFalls!

Take a stand! Challenge a friend!