John Chapman was invited onto STV Glasgow‘s Live At Five yesterday to talk about his tandem ride with Colin Calder and ROAR.

The 91 year old had a great time being interviewed by Euan and Hayley on the Live at Five sofa. Our general manager, Nicola Hanssen was also there filling in the presenters on ROAR’s clubs, projects and goals.

IMG_8518However, without Colin Calder from Matilda’s Musings this would not have been possible. Calder took John on a ride nearby to the West End Community Centre, Paisley before coming back to talk to the Men’s Group about his travels.

The presenters were lovely to both Nicola and John; they even hinted at a possible future outing on a speed boat for the Men’s group!

John is a fantastic character who has been with us for nearly 2 years now. He started by attending our Exclusive Club which helps to improve balance and strength.

Our men’s group is certainly buzzing with interest now since the publicity from last week’s event.

If you’re interested in our projects, what we do, or even want to volunteer contact us¬†for more information.