Admin and Communications Officer

Admin and Communications Officer

2 Year Contract – Full-time, 35hours, £19620 per year

Roar- Connections for Life require an appropriately experienced Admin and Communications Officer to support the smooth running of the Roar’s office systems and processes, maintaining databases, social media and website, and referral management systems; waiting lists and appointment booking systems.

The successful candidate will be a skilled multi–tasker who is able to absorb a wide range of information and coordinate and direct the correct information using a range of communication techniques.

Please complete the application form and return to or send to Roar – Connections for Life, West End Community Centre, 5A Underwood Lane, Paisley PA1 2SL Closing date Wednesday 18th October 2017.

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Roar AGM

Roar: Connections for Life 

Annual General Meeting

Thursday 5th October at 3.30 — 5 pm

Guest Speaker

Dr Alan J Gow: Heriot -Watt University

“What Keeps You Sharp”

The meeting will take place in
Tweedie Hall, Bridge Street, Linwood PA3 3DB

Anyone wishing to attend please email: or call Roar – Connections for Life office on 0141 889 7481

Picture of Alan Gow

Dr Alan J Gow Heriot -Watt University “What Keeps You Sharp”

Dr Gow has very recently given a talk at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe on the subject of “What Keeps You Sharp” looking at  how do thinking skills change through midlife and beyond, and do our lifestyles affect those changes? See how your beliefs match the research.

Read more about Dr Gow research and findings in his blog.


Roar Do Walk a Mile in Renfrewshire

Roar – Connections for Life is supporting the Walk a Mile in My Shoes campaign by engaging our networks and members to walk on the 10th May.

As many of the older adults we support are not able to walk the full mile we have decided to contribute collectively, and that cumulatively the total of steps taken by almost 200 participants will equate to well over a mile.

The focus of the campaign is to challenge mental health stigma – one conversation at a time. This campaign really resonates with Roar’s passionate commitment to reducing loneliness and social isolation in old age. We work to achieve this by enabling people to make positive and fulfilling connections with others. This isn’t possible if people experience discrimination, hostility or cliquishness.

The key to our growing success is the culture we have embedded into everything we do.

A culture where respect, kindness, empathy and encouragement is positively reinforced and where aggressive negativity of any form is not tolerated. This can be challenging but when it works it is so powerfully positive.

I’m not advertising beer but I am enthralled by the new Heineken Advert showing how if you can get people together in the right circumstances – prejudices diminish.

So whether you walk a mile, or just share some smiles with the people you meet today, let’s work together to make our communities kinder places to live.


Picture1 Nicola Hanssen is the General Manager at Roar-Connections for Life. Nicola has the responsibility of leading the organisation’s strategy in partnership with the Board Of Trustees, designing and creating new projects and services. You can contact her at


Roar’s tablet classes are nominated for national digital award.

EXCITING NEWS! Our “Roar Do Tablets” course for older adults has been nominated for prestigious Digital Leaders award. These are national digital awards and Roar: Connections for Life and Renfrewshire Council have been nominated in the Cross-Sector Digital Collaboration category.

We are down to the last 10, but to win we need lots people to vote for us and it just takes seconds. So can you help us by voting for us? And then when you are finished ask your children, friends, enemies, grannies, granddads and strangers to do the same.

To vote click on this link:

Please share this widely!!


Roar do Tablets

“Roar do Tablets”, teaches the basics of using tablets and getting online. Starting right from how to hold and turn on a tablet, through to searching for information and websites, email, how to keep safe online, installing apps, email and more. The classes are FREE and are delivered in 6 x 2 hour sessions over 6 weeks. The classes are informal and friendly and if you know nothing about tablets, or know a little, then this is the course for you. Bring your own tablet or use one of ours.

The courses run at Roar’s main offices in Underwood Lane, Paisley on Thursday mornings and at the Paisley campus of the University of the West of Scotland on Tuesday afternoons.

The classes are delivered by Renfrewshire Council’s Digital Participation Officer supported by community volunteers (age range 22 – 89).

The course is very popular and there is usually a waiting list, but if you would like to be put down for future classes please contact us:

Phone: 0141 889 7481


Call in: Roar: Connections for Life. West End Community Centre, 5A Underwood Lane, Paisley


Celebrating International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day helps us, at Roar, to celebrate the inspiring women who currently attend our clubs and projects. Giving older adults the opportunities to get together and inspire each other is something we love seeing. Feeling energized by International Women’s day, we spoke to some of the many inspiring ladies who make our work that bit more fulfilling.

Baljinder – Come Dine With Me cooking Group

IMG_9960Baljinder, 69, completed a 2 year cooking course at Cardonald college. She has certainly wowed the others at Come Dine With Me with her cooking prowess when she showed them how to make chapatis, vegetable pakora and vegetable curry. 

What keeps you active?

Housework! And Swimming! And exercise!

What keeps you motivated to do these things?

My family.

Who inspires you in your life?

My whole family – they think I’m a good mum and they say “we’ll never find a mother like you!” they all say that. Because I’m always there for them when they need me – always! They always support me. So it’s good to have a family .

Ruth – Ralston’s Health and Wellbeing Group 

Ruth is one of our oldest members at 98 years old, and has attended the Ralston group for roughly 4 years. At 98, she still participates in all the IMG_9948activities within the club and still has the energy to do our OTAGO exercise every week. 

The first question is what keeps you active, what keeps you going?

Well, I would say the first thing you need is a sense of humor, if you’ve got a sense of humor you’ll get through… I know life’s different, I have a faith in God and I’m not holy religious but I have a good faith in God and if I really do feel if I have a problem, I ask him to help me and he always does.

Who inspires you in your life?

I have a wonderful friend called Jan and I call her my Guardian Angel. We’ve been on the orient express to Venice, we’ve been to the Albert Hall to hear my favorite Chinese pianist and I always say she’s my guardian angel so I’m very lucky. And every night at 9 o’clock she phones me… so it’s great to have a guardian angel.

Our women members and volunteers are truly amazing – all of them. So this International Women’s day, we want to thank all of the women involved at Roar for being inspirational, bold and determined.

To learn more about our groups and projects, click here.


Nicola’s Blog: Bucket Lister Boys!

The saying ‘boys will be boys’ means that people should not be surprised when boys or men act in a rough or noisy way because this is part of the male character! That’s exactly why we have a Men’s Group – a place where men can express a side of themselves that many felt they wouldn’t experience again.

The journey to actually getting enough men together to make a group has taken a few years! It seems to be part of the male character to be hard to entice older gents out of their comfort zone? But now they have found their ‘mojo’ and we need a whole new approach to help them have the experiences and adventures they are now seeking.

If you watch STV Glasgow you might have seen footage of the group – not once but twice. It might make great telly to have a blind 91 year old get out for a cycle or get bumped about on a super-fast speedboat but what you don’t get the chance to see is the sheer delight that the men involved are experiencing. I could fill a page with the jokes, quips and mischief that happens – including them eating the chocolates intended as a gift for the captain of the rib!

But to keep your attention I will pick 2 quotes and they are “this is madness – I never would have believed that I could make new friends and have fun at my age” and “I sent the You Tube link to my granddaughter in Canada – I think she thought I just sit on a rocking chair.”speed boat

Lots of groups form and stay together around a single shared interest such as golfers, bowlers, art lovers etc but this group in essence have loss and grief as a shared experience….which isn’t really going to form the basis of an enlivening activity plan!!  In the early days I would pull in speakers on a whole range of topics and what we discovered is that the guys like enthusiasts with enthusiasm – the topic matters less than the content. As the group grows in confidence they have now become more involved in the planning and what we have now decided is that they want to help each other achieve their Bucket Lists and have great fun into the bargain.Untitled design (19)


The ideas span from being in a Battle Re-Enactment to going in a Sea Plane, operating a digger to cleaning a Cart Horse but the only way we can make these wishes a reality is by getting people in our communities to sponsor or enable these things to happen. I am appealing to you men out there to consider what you think you will feel like inside when you get old – and the answer will probably be that you will still feel just like you! That need for adventure, a bit of techy -fixing challenge and most importantly an completely non – PC sense of humour doesn’t actually change, it’s just your opportunities to have those needs fulfilled ( yes, along with other) diminishes!!!

So if you can empathise with these sentiments then please consider inviting the group to your place of work, come and enthuse them about what you do or set up a sponsored experience that will advertise your company – and you can even join in!

Yes – I get teased all the time about my passion for reaching older men. But I loved my granddad and that’s why I just get it!!

Picture1 Nicola Hanssen is the General Manager at Roar-Connections for Life. Nicola has the responsibility of leading the organisation’s strategy in partnership with the Board Of Trustees, designing and creating new projects and services. You can contact her at