Untitled design (8)ROAR – Connections for Life has developed the innovative #Stop1stFalls: A Whole Systems Approach to Community Falls Prevention. This campaign is a set of community based early interventions to promote self-management, connectedness and well being.

As part of this campaign, we offer a range of services which tie in with our model of falls prevention. Our consultancy and training services help to spread awareness and offer some support in extending this whole system approach to falls prevention.

We offer:

  1. Overview of the development of the model, the approach and lessons learned.
  2. Overview of the development and strategic fit of ROAR’s 1.5 Assessment – step by step guide through the development of the assessments content, data protection, processes, outcomes and lessons learned.
  3. Overview of the development and strategic fit of ROAR Do Feet personal foot care service – Guide through developments of the assessments, insurance, equipment, training and cost model including challenges and lessons learned.
  4. Bringing Falls Prevention Advice to Life – An overview of a range of self-management advice and support related to falls prevention delivered with ROAR’s approach that people should have learned, laugh and leave wanting more
  5. Falls Awareness Training – for shops or premises open to the public, organisations with an interest in community safety, schools. Can be tailored to various sizes of groups from 20 mins to 2 hours.
  6. Fun Things To Do – We have created a wide range of participative and engaging health and wellbeing activities including ‘Meals and Memories’ and Interactive Audio/Visual Quizzes. We have also designed a range of projects and opportunities which can be found here.

All of our services listed are delivered by members of our staff and we offer prices on consultation.

For more information, please email us at info@roarforlife.org or phone 0141 889 7481.