Some Roar users have been working on a Digital Story map that highlights key locations relating to the Stewards, Coats and Clarks families.

A group from Roar and one from the Disability Resource Centre in Paisley have been working with the Social Historian Lil Brookes from GateKeeper Arts at weekly sessions for the past 8 months to research material for this map. They have been visiting lots of local sites including the Renfrewshire’s Heritage Centre, Paisley Abbey, Paisley Museum and many more (see the map under “Our Research” for more details). Getting access to many behind the scenes resources that are normally held in storage.

You can also see our map at:

The project was funded by Paisley Townscape Heritage and Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme (Paisley TH.CARS2)

The Paisley Story map:

click on the names to see the map details