A Huge Thanks to Stuart Smith who took time out of his busy life to provide a stimulating and informative session to the Roar’s Men’s group. Stuart told a story of the various places he has lived – including Paisley and peppered his personal and professional journey with a range of local stories that the group could relate to.

One of Stuart’s hobbies is cycling around the Scottish Isles and he engaged the group with Photos, film clips, items he’d collected and stories of the natural world and the people he had bumped into. So how was it for Stuart?

“Well, I was quite nervous as I’m used to speaking to people for work but not about myself or my hobbies but the group seemed so interested and I found it really enjoyable. I think it was good for me to try something new.”

Roar’s Men’s Group is designed to help older men in Renfrewshire keep learning and sharing. They have an extremely broad appreciation for people who are passionate about what they do and/or take pride in their field of knowledge. The group is looking for more contributors who would be willing to come and share their time as well as their stories.

Some of the areas they would be really pleased to find out more about is Civil engineering, CalMac Ferries, Air Traffic Control, Police, RSPB, Ship Building, 602 Squadron, Nautical Knots, Farming….etc.

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The Men’s group has been lucky enough to hear from a variety of speakers on a diverse range of topics. Previous speakers include: Dr Peter Stromberg who came to speak to the group about bees and bee keeping, Colin Calder from Matilda’s Musings who let John have a ride on his tandem, Paul Smith and Vicky Isley from boredomresearch who talked to the men about #PaisleyPearls, and photographer Bill Crookston who spoke about his work.

If you have a passion about something or know someone who does please call Nicola on 0141 889 7481. Travel reimbursed and as much tea and coffee as you can drink.