We need more Volunteer Footcare Technicians.

Many older people cannot cut their own toe nails and need to find an affordable service to help them. Long toenails can make it difficult to get shoes on, can cause pain when walking and increases the chances of having a fall. And for elderly people, falls have been shown to be as dangerous as smoking and heart disease.

“Roar Do Feet” is a basic footcare service for older people. We run sessions in various venues across Renfrewshire where we cut toe nails and carry out basic footcare. It’s also an opportunity to chat to people about how they are getting on.

There is a big demand for our Roar Do Feet service and we need volunteer footcare technicians to keep it running. Volunteers get training and support from Roar and an NHS Podiatrist – there is also a pathway to paid employment. We know feet aren’t for everyone but it’s an opportunity to do something wonderful for older people, that helps them get out, socialise and helps prevent falls.

If you want to volunteer please get in contact.

tel: 0141 889 7481



Anne Volunteer Footcare Technician

I’ve been volunteering for around 6 months. I do toenail cutting, comforting foot rubs and conversation. The training we get from the NHS Podiatrist is great. Some people don’t like feet but they’re not that bad . I started off as a dental assistant and now I’m doing feet so I’ve moved from the top to the bottom of the body.
I really enjoy it. Footcare seems like a small thing but it makes a huge difference to people’s lives. If the people can’t cut their toenails, it can lead to problems walking, which can result in back pain, decreased mobility and increased risk of falling and social isolation. So while it seems like a little thing it’s really life changing.


Cara Volunteer Footcare Technician

I had finished my marketing degree and while I was job hunting I contacted Roar to volunteer as a befriender. When I was shown what a huge difference I could make doing footcare, I decided to give it a go. If an older person can’t cut their toenails it can result in lots of complications. Their feet can become painful, they don’t move about, stop going out and they can become socially isolated. This service has even been shown to help prevent falls which can have a devastating impact on older people’s lives. It’s not something I thought I would ever do but it has actually been good and I’ve been doing it for 8 months now. Its lovely chatting to people, they really appreciate the service and when they leave they say they really feel the difference … not as sore.

The footcare training we get is great, it is from a NHS Podiatrist and they come back every so often to do top up training. I’m really well supported in the sessions and I can always ask questions.

The sessions are a good laugh, it’s a nice atmosphere, there are a few of us doing it in a room and the people I meet have great stories. It’s not for everyone but cutting toe nails can have a massive impact on people’s lives and it well worth doing.  Cara has recently taken up a full-time marketing post in London.

Roar are always looking for volunteers and if you want to do something wonderful for older people then you should get in contact.

If you want to volunteer please get in contact.

tel: 0141 889 7481