• speedboat

     Last Friday, Our Men's Group was invited by STV Glasgow to go on an eagerly awaited trip on a speed boat down the River Clyde. Following on from ...

  • Roar'sBalance Challenger (1)

    Roar's Balance Challenge Returns! #Stop1stFalls How long can you stand on one leg? With your eyes closed? Research shows that your ability could ...

  • Untitled design (4)

    John Chapman was invited onto STV Glasgow's Live At Five yesterday to talk about his tandem ride with Colin Calder and ROAR. The 91 year old had a ...

  • footcare

    We need more Volunteer Footcare Technicians. Many older people cannot cut their own toe nails and need to find an affordable service to help them. ...

  • crossing road

    Make sure you are keeping safe on the road. Take our test. Road safety isn't just for kids – it's for life! Pedestrians and drivers alike ...

Roar is a provider of preventative, health and wellbeing services for older people through the development of community opportunities that connect lives. Please help us maintain and expand our services by donating now, thank you.


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Our Services

Our services are coordinated by Roar staff and delivered by volunteers.

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We have a variety of volunteering roles in which you can utilise your skills and experience to help others.

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Here you will find out all you need to know about our referral system.